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The Arab Blind Association is a non-profit philanthropic association based in Jerusalem and covers its services throughout the country. It was established in 1932 under the British Mandate. It is the first national association that represents the hopes and aspirations of the blind and the visually impaired in the life of Karim and a bright future.

The association is managed by an elected administrative body, all of whom are blind and visually impaired, in addition to a staff of employees who draw our strength and continue our service thanks to the support of the good people of our people, as well as the Arab supporters and members of the faithful of the noble mission and objectives of the society.

The organization’s goals : 

1)  Raise the level of the blind and the visually impaired in all areas of life, especially rehabilitation, vocational, cultural and social, and make every effort to provide a decent life and a better future for them.

2)  Provide the tools necessary to help them in movement, mobility, science, work and social interaction and follow up the latest technological developments in this field

3) Promote self-confidence and self-reliance

4) Achieve the principles of academic and social integration and ensure the appropriate climate for the success of this goal

5 ) Community awareness: working to change the negative society’s perception of the disabled and the resulting isolation discrimination marginalization and ignorance

6 )  Guidance and guidance of the blind and the visually impaired with their civil rights and ways of obtaining them

7 ) Coordination and cooperation with all institutions working with the disabled locally and internationally in order to improve and develop the services provided to the target group

8 ) Prove that visually impaired people are capable of production, creativity and participation in community development. Therefore, the society works to discover the cultural and artistic talents and abilities of

the blind and the visually impaired, and then train them and refine them to society.

9 )  Relief and relief: work to provide financial assistance or eyes for the elderly and the poor members of the Assembly.

Achievements of the Association:


First: – At the level of rehabilitation and operational:


1 )The Association has worked for decades and continues to rehabilitate and operate the blind and the visually impaired in the production of traditional cleaning tools and marketing their products through:

  1. A) Establishment of workshops at the assembly center
  2. B) The establishment of permanent exhibitions for the sale of products of the blind in Jerusalem and Hebron Amman and Irbid
  3. C) Securing raw materials for the blind in their homes and then collecting and marketing their products
  4. D) Marketing and distributing blind products through the association’s car

5 ) Presenting the products of the blind in joint exhibitions with other institutions working in the field of disability

Second: – At the cultural level:


The march of the society is full of many cultural activities:

1) The establishment of the first private school for the blind at the level of the homeland in 1938 and was the first candle that illuminates the paths of science in front of the visually impaired as their peers from the sighted. The school has been converted to government departments in order to maintain its continuity and develop its performance.

2) The first printing press of Braille was established in 1951, which was based on the provision of academic and cultural books in Braille and was awarded the printing press for the later school.

3) In 1962, the first Braille book for the blind was established

The library provided and printed all the required textbooks and literature in addition to printing the Koran. The library was later transformed into an independent society.

4) The group has held many courses in memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran teaching languages ​​and teaching the method of reading and writing Pail in addition to training on the use of automatic divider.

5) The Association issued the first magazine for the blind in Braille, the voice of conscience was issued monthly and distributed at the level of the Arab world

6) The Association printed the first dictionary English / Arabic Braille Braille service for the blind

Other Achievements:


1) The Association provided many financial and visual aids to its members, the elderly and the poor. The most prominent of these was the provision of monthly assistance to more than 60 families suffering from visual disabilities with the support of Qatar Charity Association.

2) The Association has provided some tools to assist its members according to the possibilities available

3) The Society directed and defined the members of their civil rights and how to obtain them

4 )The Association has a self-lending program for its members in need, which is the provision of a loan approved by the member of the user to pay within a year without interest.

5) The Association held many seminars to identify the community blind visual capabilities and talents of the blind as well as obstacles and how to overcome them and to the same goal participated in several workshops and meetings in the various media.

6) The Association established cooperation and coordination relations with many institutions working with the disabled at the level of the country

Future Future Aspirations


1) As a result of the separation wall between Jerusalem and the other cities of the West Bank, the association is considering establishing branches in the near future

2) Establishment of other operational projects visually impaired people can work in addition to the traditional products they produce, such as brooms and brushes of various kinds

3) Establishing cultural clubs for visually impaired people in all cities of the city

4) Secure the computer – speaking program for every blind student from the homeland, in addition to other necessary tools

5) Issuing a special card blind

The Society’s contribution and the great services it provides to this segment of our great people have made them enjoy the support and support of the people of the imagination of the people of the homeland and the support and support of the Arab and international community individuals and institutions and until the Assembly continues to provide its services and care for the visually impaired, it always needs to stop you and support your programs and projects from which you derive Its strength and vitality and with you grow and flourish

In order to raise the level of disabled people in science, work and all fields of life

Contact the Association: –

Telefax 0097226283421

tel. / 0097226273535

E-mail: arab_blind _association@hotmail.com

Website: www.arab-blind.org

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